This is a gallery of functional art – pieces that are only complete when used by you. These are items of passion and considered labour. We lay that selection out. You curate it to your own taste.

    I wanted to create a platform not only for well-known brands that have a established customer base, but for all the small label owners screen printing in their backyard, artists with side hustles...

    For everyone who shares a fascination with well-designed, high-quality goods.

    A little back story: I started working on the first concept of Some Supply in 2016. Two years later, I had designed and developed three different versions of the website, hired copywriters and had a professional photo shoot. In the end, because of never-ending perfectionism, I never put the site online.

    Now, four years later, after taking a break from working on the project at all, I decided to just publish it - it's faster, a lot simpler and missing nearly all functionality of the other over-complex versions.

    Maybe there will be additional features in the future, like saving your favorite products to collections and sharing them with friends. Or directly ordering some of the items on the site. Or interviews with the creators behind the projects. But I don't know yet - everything is open.

    Feel free to pass suggestions my way:

    Thanks for your support!

    Piet Terheyden, Some Studio

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